Chicken and Carne Asada                                       $10/person

Chicken, Asada and Fish                                         $12/person

Chicken, Asada, Duck or Shrimp                             $13/person

Chicken, Asada, SBC (Shrimp, Bacon, Chorizo)        $15/person

Chicken, Asada, Lobster                                         $22/Person

Fancy Quesadillas                                                   $2.00

Cheese Quesadilla                                                   $1.50

Ceviche                                                                    $3.00

Cheese Platter                                                        $4.00

Fresh Fruit Platter                                                 $3.00

Veggie Platter                                                         $2.00

Mixed greens/ Mexi Greens                                      $2.00

Pasta Salad                                                              $2.00

Guacamole                                                                $2.00

Ahi Tartar                                                                 $ M.P ask for details

Cookies and Brownies                                               $2.00

Fancy Breakfast Burritos                                         $8.00

Crostini Bar                                                              $3.00


All Prices are based on ‘Per Person’.

8% tax not included

15% gratuity not included